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mercredi 26 mars 2008

QIT Sorelslag

QIT stands for Quebec Iron & Titanium, it owns
an ilmenite mine in northeastern Quebec;
the ore is shipped to Tracy where it is processed
to titanium dioxide slags, iron pigs,
steel billets and steel auto parts.

Sorelslag has the following general formula:

TiO2 82%
FeO 8.0%
SiO2 2.0%
Al2O3 3.0%
MgO 5.0%
Total 100%

This stuff was 170 mesh sieved.

A theoritical substitutions is as follows
for each 1% of the stuff :

Rutile 0.793
Red Iron Oxide 0.077
Kaolin 0.040
Dolomite 0.012
Magnesium Carb. 0.078
Total 1.000

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